Monday, 21 February 2011

Wooden Heels....Easy to Walk With From Now

They really should have chained all those wooden heels onto the display shelves. Yes we all think they look great, yet even a 8 year old knows the difference between a dead hard block of brick and a cozy bouncy marshmallow - they are at the two ends of a rainbow.

So, this pair of wooden heels from last season have been sitting in my closet for a year, taken out, tried on, walked around house with, stared at, walked around yet some more steps with, sighed towards, and put back in, over and over again, for, like, at least 10 times. They just don't seem to enjoy following you around, and I feel a constant tension in my toes trying to clutch tight onto the sole like the root of a desperate plant in a desert...... That's tiresome even just to write about.

But the thing is, I really really want to wear them (otherwise I wouldn't have tried them on so many times, would I?) So I looked at the new wooden heel range at Topshop, with all the stripy straps and bulky buckles, and then there came my lightbulb moment. So I ran to Primark and grabbed two £1 belts, et voila:

... ... And that's what I ran back home with (literally, as a test-drive), together with joy:)




belt: Primark
wooden hell wedges: Topshop

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