Saturday, 19 February 2011

Valentines Day

So, finally, out of the blue, yet as the realization of a long-grown yearning, I finally sit down and got this blog. Sarr Wannabe, wannabe what?  A fashion designer, a fashion illustrator, a photographer, a film-maker, a dreamer, an artist of life. If only I don't have to put food on the table or live under a roof, I'd be happy to be a drifter...

Dream and passion, it's one of those things about bubbles and reality, about the flow of mind and the soil on the ground. If there's no gravity, I'd love to be a ghost.

It was the Valentines Day. 3 Valentines Days ago I started being globally mobile, or the way I put it, a victim of split personalities and day dreams. I traveled across continents chasing infinite sunsets and eternal summers, and ended up here, in the UK, the empire on which the sun never sets. Which of course, is a myth, like Santa, like tooth fair, but not like Narnia it's not.

I walked by a stand for blood donation, and thought it's a great thing to do, donating blood as the freshest and most vivid form of love in the spirit of Valentines Day. And they gave me this cute little heart-shaped red balloon, as a souvenir for the blood and a reminder of love.






hat: Bailey
top & headband: H&M
jacket & trousers: Zara
necklace: River Island
wooden heels: Topshop 

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  1. just curious who took the pictures for U ~