Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lovely Day for a Photo Shoot-James

The weather has gone wild these days. You wake up with frosty windows, shower with soothing rain drops in the morning, surprised with playful bits of snow at noon and then, in the afternoon, it hits the u-turn: just when you're all tucked up for a lazy nap in a guilty-free rainy day like this, rays of crispy sunshine came out of the blue and make your skin sizzle like bacon. I might have been exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea: typical English weather, with its mind never made up and practical-jokes all prepped up ready to surprise you.

Having moaned about that, it is absolutely blessed that we had a sunny day today, all the way through, which made our second commercial photo shoot went as planned. Well I say it's commercial, but just like the last one at the studio, we were not getting paid, and played the role of "the guys with cameras and free helping hands all over their body". Yup, I guess that's always the case when you're not an established professional photographer and you don't have a website with your name on it and a price list.

On the bright side, I'm still 100% grateful of these opportunities, hoping that one day, not accidentally, but as the result of a painful process named evolution, I could create something outrageously stunning and astonishing as a masterpiece. Plus, if that day will never come, just a couple of friends hanging around taking photos recording songs baking muffins is still not a bad idea for some fun, and what more could you ask? it's all free!

Today's photo shoot is for a friend's boyfriend, and oh man aren't they great~!
















then, two interesting behind-the-scenes shots:

*Cute lovers*

*Lenses on me*

And finally, some shots taken using film camera:

Ilford HP5 PlUS 400(1)008-sw

Ilford HP5 PlUS 400(1)015-sw

Ilford HP5 PlUS 400(1)022-sw

Oops, here's one of me holding the camera:
Ilford HP5 PlUS 400(1)030-sw

Ilford HP5 PlUS 400(1)011-sw

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