Monday, 28 February 2011

As Sunny As It Gets In A Pre-Spring Winter Day

Following yesterday's fantastic photo shoots, figured it's about time I had some fun coming from behind the camera to the spotlight in front of it.






hat: Bailey
t shirt: H&M
beads: Sarr Wannabe
leather shorts: Next
boots: Miss Selfridge

As sunny as it looks, it's still crispy cold and I have to hold a pot of hot tea to keep myself from frozen. Haha, not really. Just like in yesterday's shoot James was holding what looks like a glass of Scotch but really a glass of tea, today I'm holding what looks like a pot of tea but really an empty tea pot. Talk about deceptions huh :P

Yup, talk about deceptions, I accidentally tuned into BBC and watched a brilliant movie about a magician and the fascinating world of magics, tricks and scandals, where tricks were hidden inside of other tricks like a Russian Matryoshka. Half way through I couldn't help but screaming out loud, OMG this has to be directed by Christopher Nolan! And you know what, turned out, it is. Don't wanna reveal too much plot and ruin the thrill in here. For those of you who are fans of Christopher, I highly recommend his film "The Prestige".


Christopher is probably the first director that I truly loved, and the only one whose head and heart I so desperately want to get into. It is not often in today's world that you can come across someone who can come up with stories that are so logically intelligence yet romantically creative at the same time. And I know this may sound cocky, but deep down I consider myself someone like him... Anyway, thumbs up Christopher, way to go! :)

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